About us

KADIAK FILM is a Bulgarian production company specializing in short documentaries, feature films and TV productions. The company’s portfolio history encompasses more than 30 productions, some holding national and international film and TV awards.

The chief creator of these productions is Professor Lubomir Halatchev. A native Bulgarian, Halatchev began his prosperous cinematic career in 1972, as a director of photography and a script writer for various short films. Later he specialized in documentary film-making in Rome and Paris, while working on a range of productions. In 1992, Halatchev was among the creators of the Association of Film Producers in Bulgaria. In 2003 he followed one year part-time specialization in script writing’s development process (with topic over the relations producer-writer) in Denmark, at the course of Media program “North by Northwest”. He has created and developed more than 100 documentaries and short films, a plethora of TV programs, and 7 books that pertain to the different aspects of the cinematic process and 2 books with short stories. The team of KADIAK FILM, led by Halatchev, is comprised of professionals in the film and TV-making community who work with a wide range of specialists, both in and outside of Bulgaria.

Today, aside from his active career in TV and film production, Lubomir Halatchev is Rector of the National Academy of Theater and Film Arts (NATFA) in Sofia.